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News di shipping e trasporti dal Nord Adriatico

Port of Monfalcone

MONFALCONE - Today was first day at work for the new crane recently acquired by CPM. The Liebherr LHM 550 with a 150 Ton max. capacity and a 54 meter reach, is capable of 120 meters per minute lift speed.

TRIESTE - Porto di Trieste Servizi, a subsidiary of the Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea, has purchased its first electric car.

TRIESTE - The Port of Monfalcone officially becomes part of the Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea. The transfer of ownership of the harbour areas from the Venezia Giulia Chamber of Commerce to the Authority was signed yesterday in Trieste.

MONFALCONE – The staff of Compagnia Portuale di Monfalcone unloaded yesterday 22 thousand tons of slabs, steel parts 4 to 12 meter long sailed from Ukraine on board Elaziz vessel.

TRIESTE - There are no outbreaks of infection in the port clusters of Trieste and Monfalcone. This is the result of a survey called "Safety Circle"  which found that only 22 workers out of 1,292 people voluntarily subjected to the serological test have developed antibodies from Covid 19. However, no subject tested positive for the next swab.

MONFALCONE – An unprecedented effort that has been put in place in recent days by Compagnia portuale di Monfalcone. Over 3,000 tons of material with an overall volume of over 10,000 cubic meters were loaded on board the BBC Pearl ship in record time.

MONFALCONE - Compagnia Portuale of Monfalcone stands out once again for professionalism and efficiency with the latest 115-ton shipment.

MONFALCONE - Green light to the Port of Monfalcone for the new industrial plan estimating an increase in traffic, not only in the traditional sectors of steel and forest products, but also by means of a resolute diversification of logistics and merchandise.

TRIESTE - The economic revenues generated by the Port of Monfalcone will remain in loco, thus allowing the improvement and development of the harbour.

MONFALCONE - Another record boarding for the Compagnia Portuale at the Port of Monfalcone, from which a ship bound for the USA has sailed today, with 5 pleasure boats loaded, including a super-yacht of 40 meters and 150 tons, all heading towards Florida and in particular Port Everglades (Miami).