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The Port Authority signs 60-year concession to TMT

TRIESTE - A 60-year concession to Trieste Marine Terminal has been presented today, in the presence of regional president Deborah Serracchiani. The document had already been approved by the port authorities in 2014, but had been delayed by details in the agreement and by revisions from the European Community.

The Concession is tied to the port improvement projects on behalf of TMT who is ready to invest in the lengthening of Molo VII. The first project foresees expanding the existing structure by 100 meters at first, followed by another 100 linear meters upon completion.  The complete quay’s terrace will be covered with asphalt once  the lengthening of MoloVII is finished. The project which is expected to run approx. 188 million Euro will be under the direction of TMT and will include the addition of two high capacity cranes at their service. With these new infrastructures, Molo VII will now be capacitated to receive traffic of over 1,2 million Teu yearly, counting on a quay capable of hosting two 14.000 Teu ships simultaneously.  The first phase of the developing plan will start during the first few months of 2017 at an expected cost of approx. 90 million Euro, while the studies of the sea bottom and preliminary interventions have already been in effect in last months.
The investment decision has been made with the forecast of a considerable increase in traffic in the area of the North Adriatic  The Port of Trieste in particular confirms itself as a reference point for major international shipping companies, across the Far and Middle East, Central Europe and the south of Germany in particular. “We are glad to be the first in Italy for this kind of investment, commented Pierluigi Maneschi, shareholder of Gruppo TO Delta, who at their time control TMT- I also believe, that the Port of Trieste is the only one with an opportunity to grow”. "This port has always been distant from the entrepreneurs of Friuli Venezia Giulia we are at this point still putting the pieces together - said president Serracchiani - . We are creating a system of logistical platform from which we have heard of in the past, but without actually witnessing its positive effects”.