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Ocean Alliance invests in Trieste Marine Terminal

TRIESTE - Trieste Marine Terminal, part of T.O. Delta Group, a leading player in the logistics and intermodal transport landscape in Italy, has renewed its commercial agreements with the Ocean Alliance consortium (CMA CGM, COSCO / OOCL and EVERGREEN LINE), which calls the container terminal of the Port of Trieste with its weekly direct service from Asia.

The Ocean Alliance service is currently active on Trieste with ships of 7,000 TEU of capacity, and it is expected that it will further increase the holding capacity and its potential on the terminal. With nine ships in service (5 of the Cma Cgm group, 2 of the Cosco group and 2 of the Evergreen Group), which allow weekly rotation and departures, the service directly connects the Asian ports of Shanghai, Ningbo, Pusan, Shekou and Singapore with Trieste for import traffic and, for exports, Trieste with those of Jeddah, Port Kelang, Shekou, Shanghai, Ningbo and Busan. The volumes that the Ocean Alliance has allocated to the Trieste Marine Terminal have increased by 27.5% since 2017. The consortium is operational, while the increase reaches about 85% for the railway sector.
Antonio Maneschi, President of T.O. Delta Group comments: «It is with great satisfaction that together with the companies of the Ocean Alliance consortium we have renewed our commercial agreements and confirmed the common commitment to the development of Italian and Central European traffic via Trieste. Alongside the 2M consortium (made up of MSC and Maersk), Ocean Alliance is for us a strategic partner with whom we want and must grow, responding to the specific needs that each of the companies that make up the Alliance has expressed to us in recent months».
«Our Company is well established in the Trieste area with its own offices since 2003. CMA CGM is, in fact, the first carrier to have established a link between the Far East and the Adriatic. Over the years - explains Paolo Lo Bianco, CEO of CMA CGM Italia - we have grown a lot in Trieste, which represents a fundamental option for us to further progress in the future, thanks to the ability of the TMT terminal and the railway connections to manage larger volumes and ocean ships. These developments are not limited to the Italian cargo, but also include cross-border traffic, with particular reference to destinations in Central Europe».
According to Michela Nardulli, president of the Compagnia di Navigazione Italia Marittima S.p.A., carrier of the Evergreen Group: «The commercial agreement with TMT has an important value for our Group also in light of the intermodal network built in recent years by Trieste. Railway connections represent an extraordinary opportunity for shipping companies that Evergreen has historically used. Today we are particularly focused on further development in the countries of Eastern Europe, thanks to the fact that the Adriatic has shown that it can represent a reliable gateway like, and sometimes more, of Northern Europe. Trieste is certainly capable of responding effectively to the needs of reliability and growth of the Shipping Lines».
Marco Donati, General Manager of Cosco Italia, explains: «Trieste is an important opportunity for us. Thanks to the characteristics of the port and Trieste Marine Terminal, we can expect to grow, even in the short term, with larger ships than the current ones and take advantage of the excellent intermodal connections available. We are doing it well, for example on trains from Padua and we will be able to use others also in an important Green Policy perspective to which our Company and the whole world of shipping and logistics are susceptible».