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Two plans to speed up the excavations of the sea bottoms in Monfalcone

Canale Porto Monfalcone

MONFALCONE - Two plans are being considered simultaneously to find the best solution for the sea bottoms of the Port of Monfalcone. This is what was decided during the meeting of yesterday between the Region, the Province of Gorizia, the Municipality of Monfalcone, the Regional environmental protection agency (ARPA), the Chamber of commerce, the Special agency of the Port of Monfalcone and the representatives of Smart Gas. On the agenda there was the deepening of the access channel to the port.
During the meeting – said the Region – all the subjects expressed their willing to realise the excavation of the access channel of the Port of Monfalcone as fast as possible and the need to start the plan of the Special agency of Monfalcone, whose authorisation and realisation is now at a more advanced level. The need to start the present excavation is due to the risk of being blocked awaiting other authorisations or administration steps. The working table will be called again as soon as the plan of Smart Gas is approved, which includes another intervention to deepen the sea bottoms of the port, with the objective of unifying any procedure that can be united or developed in close cooperation.