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Trieste Port shows record numbers for container traffic

TRIESTE - A 20% growth in container traffic during the month of July has was show in comparison to last year, for the Port of Trieste. A total of 54.175 Teu of which 47.004 were moved by Trieste marine terminal at Pier VII, show an increase over 2014, of 10,13%.

“Beyond worldwide economic fluctuations, container traffic is holding well” said commissioner of the Port Authority, Zeno D’Agostino, expressing satisfaction. “The result is encouraging, especially in the container sector where a decrease had started to show in December 2014.  With this recovery in July, there are good probabilities that this tendency will continue throughout the second semester of 2015”, D’Agostino added.
 “The Port Authority is to act as guarantor for international investors. There is at this time great interest from worldwide shipowners in the Port of Trieste which is simultaneously regaining its international role. This can only motivate us to work more efficiently in our role as the principal economic motor of Trieste and the entire region of Friuli Venezia Giulia”, said Commissioner D’Agostino.