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Trieste, Forum on the challenges of the Eurasian market

TRIESTE - The fourth edition of the Pietrarsa Forum will be held this year in Trieste, this time dedicated to trade between Europe and the East.

"The challenge of the Eurasian Market. The Adriatic Intermodal Corridor for the revival of Italian industry" will be the theme of the meeting: an opportunity to evaluate actions already implemented and promote new strategies for the relaunch of rail freight transport. A kind of environmentally friendly transport, which can become an unexpected resource to drive Italy's economic growth. During the Forum - a "must" event for the operators in the sector, but also for the companies that plan their trades on this - there will be talks about investment needs and development opportunities. A meeting that this year takes place not by chance in Trieste, a port city with a strong railway vocation, and a fundamental hub for Italian traffic abroad, waiting for new and integrated infrastructures.
The meeting will be held October 24, 2019 at Pier IV (Room 3) from 10.30 to 16.30 (program attached).