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Shipping and Transport news from Northern Adriatic Sea


TRIESTE - Nei giorni scorsi una delegazione di spedizionieri ungheresi e rappresentanti delle compagnie di navigazione ha visitato il Molo VII del Porto di Trieste, in occasione di un evento organizzato da Trieste Marine Terminal.

MONFALCONE - Within January the time schedule for the excavation of the access channel to the Port of Monfalcone will be effective.  The project will be simplified as the Region is accelerating the procedure. The consulting committee has been discussing the regulating plan of the Port of Monfalcone. 
During the course of the meetings a study for TLS-Europa was also explored, evaluating new railroad connections and Ro-Ro traffic for containers and passengers.

TRIESTE - The ministries of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Environment, have signed an agreement to allow the increase in depth of the Monfalcone port channel, yesterday in Rome.
This agreement will allow the channel depth of the port of Monfalcone to be increased at 12.50 meters. The operation will encompass relocating 885 thousand cubic meters in a cemented container.

Canale Porto Monfalcone

MONFALCONE - Two plans are being considered simultaneously to find the best solution for the sea bottoms of the Port of Monfalcone. This is what was decided during the meeting of yesterday between the Region, the Province of Gorizia, the Municipality of Monfalcone, the Regional environmental protection agency (ARPA), the Chamber of commerce, the Special agency of the Port of Monfalcone and the representatives of Smart Gas. On the agenda there was the deepening of the access channel to the port.

TRIESTE - The Cipe (Interministerial Committee for Economic Planning) will soon receive the request for co-financing the plan concerning the strengthening of the port of call of Campo Marzio, an infrastructure at the service of the Port of Trieste.

TRIESTE - The President of the Port Authority, Marina Monassi, explained that the balance will be closed in the black for the fourth year in a row and that the traffic, in particular with regards to containers, keeps growing.

TRIESTE - A delegation from the city of Xiamen (China), has been received today in Trieste by the Port Authority, the Shipping Agents and the Terminal Operators. The meeting was held at the new Port Authority headquarters (the so called “Magazzino 26” located in the Old Free Port area). The Chinese delegation showed particular interest in the development prospects of new maritime trade routes, in the port centric logistic and in the relations between the two ports.