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Shipping and Transport news from Northern Adriatic Sea

Free Zone

TRIESTE - The Hungarian government and the companies Teseco and Seastock signed yesterday a contract for the construction of a new multi-purpose terminal in the Port of Trieste (in the picture, the area and a rendering of the previous project).

TRIESTE - Since yesterday, a new inland logistics area has been activated in Bagnoli della Rosandra – close to the Port of Trieste. Owned by Interporto of Trieste, it now enjoys the benefits of a Free zone.

TRIESTE - «Today we had an important confirmation of the attention of the Government to the international role of the Port of Trieste and the development of its infrastructure and tax opportunities, with the objective of growth that leads him to become competitive to the ports of Northern Europe».

TRIESTE – A territorial pact between companies, mainly from the construction sector, of Region Friuli Venezia Giulia, and the Port of Trieste has been agreed, aiming at a full economic development.

TRIESTE - The Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea founded the “Consortium of economic development for the Julian area” that will replace former Ezit of Trieste.

TRIESTE -  An agreement was signed yesterday to reinforce commercial exchange between the Port of Trieste and several ports of Iran. The Port Authority stipulated a pact with the High Counsel that manages the seven Free Trade Zones of the Islamic Republic of Iran, with the scope to maximise the fiscal advantages of Trieste’s port of call.

TRIESTE - A 20% growth in container traffic during the month of July has was show in comparison to last year, for the Port of Trieste. A total of 54.175 Teu of which 47.004 were moved by Trieste marine terminal at Pier VII, show an increase over 2014, of 10,13%.

TRIESTE - The Port Authority of Trieste has signed an agreement to address a series of issues in relation to the free Port.  Mainly the pre-clearing of customs from incoming cargo ships before they unload their cargo.

TRIESTE - The Old Port of Trieste will no longer be state owned after an agreement reached between institutions.  The free port will be moved at the service of the new port and the income from the sale of the old port structures will be redirected for the development of commercial infrastructure in the new port.

TRIESTE - The Commission VIA (Evaluation of environmental impact) and VAS (strategic environmental evaluation) of the Ministry of Environment has reviewed this morning the strategic local Plan for the Port of Trieste for a unanimous decision.
“The Port can now turn a new page” said Zeno D’Agostino, the commissioner of Trieste’s Port Authority.
Finally after 58 years since the last regulating plan the Port of Trieste will be able to develop and expand infrastructures towards modernisation attracting new venues and investments.