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Shipping and Transport news from Northern Adriatic Sea


TRIESTE - With the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding, the Port Network Authorities of the Western Ligurian Sea and the Eastern Adriatic Sea accelerate the digitization of the customs procedures of the two port systems.

TRIESTE – Facilitating customs practices in Italian and Chinese ports. With this goal, an agreement was signed yesterday in Rome between the Director of the Customs and Monopoly Agency, Benedetto Mineo, and the Deputy Minister of Customs of the People's Republic of China, Wang Lingjun. The meeting was also attended by the Minister of Economy and Finance, Giovanni Tria.

TRIESTE - The Port Authority of Trieste has signed an agreement to address a series of issues in relation to the free Port.  Mainly the pre-clearing of customs from incoming cargo ships before they unload their cargo.

TRIESTE - Also Trieste begins the preclearing test, the customs clearance of goods in the sea, which should speed up transport services. The procedure was adopted according to the initiatives of the Customs agency for relaunching the competitiveness of the Italian port system. It will be thus possible to present the Customs declarations pending the arrival of the ship.