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From the Region approval to dredge the Port of Monfalcone

TRIESTE - Today the Friuli Venezia Giulia Regional Council approved the plan for deepening the approach channel to the port of Monfalcone and defined it “compatible with the environment”. The approval was given within the procedure for the national valuation of environmental impact (VIA), where the Ministry of the Environment has responsibility.
The plan, created by the Special Authority for the Port of Monfalcone, includes the dredging of the approach channel and the turning basin to -12,5 metres below sea level, while there is already reclaimed land for collecting the digged sediments in the area of Lisert in the nearby. The Region approved the plan after consulting all the involved subjects: the municipality of Monfalcone and Duino Aurisina, the province of Gorizia, the Health Services Agencies “Triestina” and “Isontina”, The Consortium for the Industrial Development, the Port Captaincy, the Maritime works and the Regional Environmental Protection agency (ARPA). Other opinions were given by WWF and Consorzio giuliano Maricolture (COGIUMAR), too. In the Council’s document for the environmental compatibility the Region indicated a series of regulations both for the planning and the realisation of dredging works.