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Recovery fund, the Port of Trieste to ask for EU grant for environmental sustainability

TRIESTE - The Port of Trieste has targeted the subsidy made available by the European Union through its Recovery fund. This was said yesterday in Trieste, after a meeting with the President of the Italian Council of Ministers, Giuseppe Conte - by the president of the Port System Network of the Eastern Adriatic Sea, Zeno D'Agostino.

«We need to think in the medium term, knowing that we must not create any negative impact to the city, its sustainability, the environment or anything else» said D'Agostino. Reference was made in particular to the cruising sector, but the need to continue cultivating a sustainable development has been extended to the entire port activities. The dialogue between D'Agostino and Conte took place on the sidelines of Esof 2020. Trieste has been nominated European City of Science 2020: for the first time in its history, ESOF has reached beyond the national borders of its host country. As a Central European city, in fact, Trieste is committed to strengthening the links between Central and Eastern European scientists, entrepreneurs, policy makers and citizens. During the numerous meetings held over the past week, some were dedicated to ports issues and to new professions related to the Blue economy.