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Port of Trieste shows significant increase in railroad traffic

TRIESTE - The number of trains departing and arriving at the Port of Trieste has increased by 15.16% showing 4,014 trains during the last nine months in respect to last year’s 3,564.
In detail, 1,072 trains were allocated to Trieste Marine Terminal at Molo VII, 1,989 to EMT (Europa Multipurpose Terminals) at Molo VI and 501 to Samer & co. Shipping at Molo V, said Port Authority Commissioner, Zeno D’agostino during a visit by INCE (Central European  Initiative) delegation.
This data reinforces the characteristics of the port of call of Friuli Venezia Giulia, which significantly relies on train transportation. For this reason Commissioner Zeno D’agostino reminded that interventions in port operations are being done and that they will soon start with the Campo Marzio Station for a value of 50 million Euro.