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Port of Trieste reaches Free Trade Zone agreement with Iran

TRIESTE -  An agreement was signed yesterday to reinforce commercial exchange between the Port of Trieste and several ports of Iran. The Port Authority stipulated a pact with the High Counsel that manages the seven Free Trade Zones of the Islamic Republic of Iran, with the scope to maximise the fiscal advantages of Trieste’s port of call.

“Today’s agreement has been the first act to constitute an international network of the Free Trade Zones, where Trieste can become a reference point on a European level”, said Port Authority commissioner, Zeno D’Agostino.
The agreement is a result of the commercial relations between Trieste and Teheran, undertaken by several visits to Iran during the last few months. Agreements of collaboration have already been sealed with IRSL (Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines) and Port & Maritime Organisation (government operated, with coordination tasks for Iranian ports).
“At this time Trieste is the reference port in Italy for Iran, from a commercial, financial and logistical point of view” added, Zeno D’Agostino. "Today’s agreement demonstrates the will and capability of our port to involve international interest in activities related to relaunching the port of Trieste”.
Fabrizio Zerbini, president of the ‘Associazione Nazionale Terminalisti Portuali del Friuli Venezia Giulia,’ said: “Thanks to the efforts made during the last few months by the institutions, in particular the Region FVG and the Trieste’s Port Authority, a solid collaboration between Trieste and Iran’s ports has started. This has given way to new venues and perspectives which are now opening up for maritime traffic, RO-RO and oil.” Yesterday’s agreement was signed in occasion of Trieste’s convention “Port opportunities”, being organised to link entrepreneurs and institutions in the scope of new commercial relations between Italy and Iran.