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Port of Trieste issues new rules for handling dangerous goods

TRIESTE - A new ordinance for the temporary storage and handling of dangerous goods has been issued at Trieste’s Port.

The new decree will reduce at local level the complex national and international regulations, thus simplifying the procedures for the logistic and transport operators in Trieste. The decision comes after two years of work carried out by entrepreneurs, Unions and various organizations, with the aim to fill the lack in regulation and to implement an adequate time frame for operators already authorised to handle and store dangerous goods. The initiative was committed by Trieste’s Port Authority and belongs to a broad reorganization of the port’s operations also through the appliance of the frame agreement about security at the port and the Programme of Prevention aimed at the port of Trieste (Port's operators, INAIL Roma, INAIL F.V.G., Azienda Sanitaria Universitaria Integrata di Trieste and Port Authority).