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Port of Trieste, Hungary invests 25 million euros

TRIESTE - Hungarian public company Adria Port has purchased a 32-hectare area with a 300-meter coastline in the port of Trieste. The news follows up on the Hungarian government's commitment on 5 July last year, whereby a contract with Teseco and Seastock was signed for the construction of a new multi-purpose terminal in the area of the former Aquila refinery.

The total investment, which includes the purchase, environmental safety and development of the project, is estimated around 100 million euros. Once completed, the terminal will grant access to the sea for goods coming from Hungary to the Adriatic Sea, and for goods arriving from the Mediterranean and the Far East.
According to the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, the confirmation of Hungary's commitments is an encouraging sign in this delicate phase of exit from the Covid-19 emergency. At the end of a meeting between the President of the FVG Region, Massimiliano Fedriga, and a Hungarian delegation led by the Deputy Secretary of State of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Péter Kiss-Parciu, the willingness of the FVG Region was remarked as player of a mediating role with other national and international institutions, so that both existing and developing projects can generate a most extensive impact in terms of development and employment, turning Friuli Venezia Giulia into the natural logistics platform for the whole of Central and Eastern Europe.