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Port of Trieste, 39 million euros from EIB to reinforce railway

TRIESTE - The European Investment Bank (the lending arm of the European Union) makes available to the Trieste Port Authority 39 million euros to finance the railway infrastructure in service at the Port of Trieste.

The sum (more than 200 million euros) was already provided in the Trihub, an integrated plan to reinforce the railway infrastructure system in the region, developed in co-operation with the Italian rail network operator RFI. The project increases rail capacity and efficiency of the railway infrastructure at the Port of Trieste and allows the port to meet the demand for cargo transport from industry and consumers in the region, reducing overall logistics costs. All this improves the competitive stand of the region and contributes to its growth and employment factors. Moreover, the progressive shift to rail transport and the overall improvement in efficiency will increase the global environmental sustainability of the regional supply chain. In fact, it will reduce negative effects deriving from conventional transport (carbon emission, pollution, accidents, noise) that would persist without the implementation of the measures encompassed by the project.