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New Railroad to connect Ro-La trains from Port of call to Intermodal Terminal of Trieste

Treni Ro-La Trieste

TRIESTE - Beginning November 16th, the unique railroad freeway connecting the short distance from Molo V’s Ro-Ro services, to the Intermodal Terminal of Trieste Fernetti, will be viable. The relevant Authority, Region FVG and representatives of customs, Intermodal Terminal of Trieste, Samer Shipping, Alpe Adria and Trenitalia, underlined at the presentation of the project how important this apparently simple operation really is, with great strategic value.

 The railroad service has been built on existing railways and was developed for the purpose of transferring large trucks and semi-trailers (such as Ro-La trains). The concept includes freeing space in proximity of the sea to facilitate port operations. “Some areas of our country can’t say they are devoid of infrastructure, if anything, that they don’t communicate well”, underlined president of Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Deborah Serracchiani. The approximately 400 metres trains will carry 20 semi-trailers each and will be in service 5 days a week for two trains. Hopes are to increase service to four trains 7 days a week in a brief period.