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New cranes and draft to handle mega ships at Trieste Marine Terminal

TRIESTE - A new crane is already operational after an upgrading programme and another one is being completed. Molo VII (Pier VII) will be thus able to handle adequately the 10,000 teu ships arriving at the Port of Trieste in the next months.
Both new cranes – the biggest in the Adriatic Sea – are intended to handle ships with a capacity of over 13/14,000 teus and have an outreach of up to 20 rows of containers. It will be possible to handle these “giants of the seas” also thanks to the natural draft of 18 metres of the Friulan port, which will be – thanks to this new cranes – one of those very few ports able to handle these kind of ships. As evidence of this, it has to be remarked the inclusion of Trieste, the only port in the Adriatic Sea, among the very few ports in Italy that have been chosen by the P3 alliance (Maersk, Msc and Cma-Cgm, the three main shipping companies in the world) as a port of call for the transoceanic routes.In addition, within two years the installation of other two cranes with a geometric capacity of 22 rows in width and 9 rows in height is scheduled at Molo VII. This – together with the strengthening of the quay and the extension of the terminal, will permit to handle up to 1,200,000 teus per year. Trieste Marine Terminal, one of the main players in the development of the container transport in the North Adriatic Sea, provides a complete range of services: port handlings, storage and intermodal connections for its customers from Northern Italy and Central-East Europe. It is this natural draft alongside, which is the deepest in the Mediterranean (18 metres), that in the last few years has enabled TMT to revolutionise the management of the container terminal, investing a lot in human resources (more than 160 direct employees) and in technical equipment, thus guaranteeing to the shipping companies, rail and vessels operations for 362 days a year, 24 hours a day. Thanks to its draft, geographical position, historical, economic and cultural vocation, Trieste is the most natural and cost competitive access to Austria, Southern Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Moreover, as TMT is located in one of the Free Port Zones of the port of Trieste, the goods and the customers can enjoy special conditions for loading/discharging, customs clearance, warehousing and the postponed payment of VAT and customs duties. TMT and the Port of Trieste with Molo VII are on their way to setting a new record of containers handled in 2013 – around 450,000 teus – and aim at repeating the success also in 2014 with the objective of exceeding 500,000 teus.