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National Plan for port logistics, Trieste to be leader in the Port Authorities

TRIESTE - The Port of Trieste will become leader of the system authority, and assume control of all stops in Friuli Venezia Giulia according to the new version of the “National Strategic Plan for port logistics.”
Positive comments on behalf of Region FVG president, Debora Serracchiani and Triestina Authority Commissary, Zeno D’agostina who said that the plan is to be considered of great importance in a strategic sector as it is destined to reinforce transport connections with the European Union. Updates to the plan will be introduced in manner of nautical services, and customs facilitation and will reflect operations of other major Northern European Ports. Only a few days ago, the Italian minister of transportation, Graziano Delrio, had emphasised that the government was intent on valorising the Port Trieste in virtue of its strategical position in the Adriatic-Baltic corrido,r but also because of it logistical capacity to accept very large ships in the port and for its efficient railway system.