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Napa asks for EU support to strengthen the North Adriatic Sea and rebalance the efficiency of the European Port System

TRIESTE - During a meeting in Koper, Slovenia, yesterday the representatives of Napa (North Adriatic Ports Association) asked EU to support the development of the infrastructure plans of each port and their logistical interlinking systems to the network of the European corridors. Above all, they underlined the need to strengthen the role of the ports in Southern Europe (the North Adriatic Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea), so that it will be possible to balance the maritime traffic which is now concentrated above all in the Northern European ports. The global efficiency of the EU port system will be thus improved.

The request was received by Violeta Bulc, European Commissioner for Transport, who met yesterday the representatives of the North Adriatic Ports Association (Venice, Trieste, Koper and Rijeka). The ports of Monfalcone and Chioggia, which asked to become members of the association, were present, too. After the explanation of the development plans of each port, the Commissioner Bulc showed great interest in the Napa ports, considered as “core ports” of TEN-T “central network” already in 2011 and confirmed as part of the two main European corridors, the Baltic-Adriatic and the Mediterranean one. Her visit in Koper was thus an opportunity to see closely Napa’s efficiency - considered as a best practice at European level - and to know the development plans of each port. At present, the ports of the North Adriatic Sea have a total capacity of around 110 million tonnes, that is about a quarter of the handling in Rotterdam, the biggest European maritime port. Concerning the container traffic, the total throughput of last year reached 1.8 million Teu, i.e. a tenth of the Rotterdam one. The potentiality of the North Adriatic Sea is still underused and this is the reason why each Napa port started an infrastructure plan, whose main aim is the development of the container sector. The North Adriatic Sea, located in a strategic geographical position, is the shortest way for goods coming from Far East and bound for the markets of Central Europe. For this reason, it offers advantages not only in terms of costs and transit times, but also in terms of pollution reduction.