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Logistics and transport technicians, the first 15 diplomas of the course

MONFALCONE - The first fifteen logistics and transport technicians have completed secondary school in the context of the project POLI&M (Project for International Logistics Operators and Management), which had begun 3 years ago by the polytechnic school Isis in Staranzano-Monfalcone, in cooperation with companies and institutes of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region.
Nex year the examination board, composed of members of Rina, the Italian naval register, will grant a diploma to other twenty students who will complete the three year training period. The project was conceived three years ago in agreement with some of the most important local companies in order to train experts in administration, finance and marketing as well as experts in electronics, electrical engineering and information technology, in international logistics and transport by sea, air and land. “The project Poli&M, which has an intensive inter-disciplinary character, is born from a line taken by the polytechnic school for several years, whose aim is to teach students marketable skills” explained the teacher Lorella Di Mattia, who is following the different stages of the project.