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Electric cars and cold ironing in the future of the Port of Trieste

TRIESTE - Porto di Trieste Servizi, a subsidiary of the Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea, has purchased its first electric car.

The new vehicle adds up to the two hybrid cars currently part of the Port Authority's fleet. The green turning point, made possible thanks to both EU and regional funding, includes the installing of charging stations and the design of cold ironing for piers and quays. In the years 2021-2022, the part of investments in EU projects planned by the Authority in the green sector will be 6.7 million euros.
Over the next two years, the CLEAN BERTH (Interreg Italy-Slovenia) and SUSPORT (Interreg Italy-Croatia) projects will allow the installation of a charging station for electric vehicles and the purchase of electric cars, as well as the replacement of lighting in public areas with LED technology and the design of the cold ironing system at Molo VII. Thanks to the NOEMIX project (Horizon2020), led by the FVG Region, the Port Authority will also replace the entire fleet of cars with electric vehicles and install an additional seven charging stations. With the TalkNET (Interreg Central Europe), METRO (Interreg Italy-Croatia) and EALING (CEF) projects, it will instead be possible to plan the cold ironing system for Molo VI, Molo Bersaglieri (cruises), Molo V, Logistics platform and quayside of the Port of Monfalcone respectively.