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News di shipping e trasporti dal Nord Adriatico


TRIESTE - The European Investment Bank (the lending arm of the European Union) makes available to the Trieste Port Authority 39 million euros to finance the railway infrastructure in service at the Port of Trieste.

TRIESTE - The ports of Trieste and Monfalcone, managed by a single Authority, established in 2018 the record of goods moved in Italy with 67 million tons: 62.7 million in Trieste and 4.5 in Monfalcone.

TRIESTE - The Port of Trieste will have a direct rail link to the Interporto Pordenone. The agreement, which will start in the next few weeks, was signed by the Port Authority, Interporto Pordenone and Confindustria Alto Adriatico.

TRIESTE – Adriafer, a subsidiary of the Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea, and VTG Rail Europe, a German logistics and rental service company, have set up a service for the short-notice, daily rental of rail wagons.

TRIESTE - Perfect balance in terms of volumes handled in the first ten months of 2020 at the container terminal of Trieste port, managed by Trieste Marine Terminal: 577.647 TEUs in total were moved, thus equalling last year’s performance over the same period.

TRIESTE – A 300 thousand euro capital increase was approved in recent days for Adriafer, the company that deals with the railway manoeuvre at the Port of Trieste.

TRIESTE - The port of Trieste has been awarded two new European projects co-financed by the CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) program.

TRIESTE - The rail connection linking the Port of Trieste to Padova, which is open to the operators of maritime containers sector, was launched on 11th May, just after the first openings at the end the lockdown period in Italy.

TRIESTE - TMT recorded a substantially stable semester (+ 0.11%) at the container terminal of Molo VII in the Port of Trieste. This is a figure that shows the lack of growth, even record-breaking, which had characterized the previous years.

TRIESTE - The Transalpina railway line serving the Port of Trieste has been activated also on the up-hill leg. The old Habsburg line has been refurbished in the past months during the COVID emergency, and provides now key support to the harbour during the works in progress carried out by RFI along the coastal tracks.