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News di shipping e trasporti dal Nord Adriatico

Port of Trieste

TRIESTE - The Port has been opened to the public in order to raise awareness of the production opportunities of the area. The successful event, organized by the Port Authority, included some guided tours within the New Free Zone, starting from the customs in Riva Traiana.

TRIESTE -The works for the logistic platform of the Port of Trieste have been definitively awarded. The winner is a temporary group of companies including ICOP S.p.A., Francesco Parisi Casa di Spedizioni S.p.A., Interporto Bologna S.p.A. and Cosmo Ambiente S.r.l..

TRIESTE - The Port Committee gave their go-ahead to the Green Bridge, a project for the construction of a sea/rail intermodal platform which will permit to move 100% of the heavy goods vehicles coming from Turkey by rail.

TRIESTE - In 2013, after two years of high growth, the Port of Trieste further strengthened its position with regards to the total volume of goods in transit.

TRIESTE - The Port Authority, in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of Trieste and the Committee “Lloyd 170”, presented a study concerning the operational, commercial and fiscal advantages deriving from the particular regulations of the free port zones in Trieste.

TRIESTE -After the publication of the Decree Law “Destinazione Italia” (Destination Italy) dated 23 December, the Port Authority sent three feasibility studies on three structural interventions intended to further improve the competitiveness of the Port of Trieste.

TRIESTE - This afternoon at the "Torre del Lloyd", the head office of the Port Authority of Trieste, terminal operators and general port service providers met the technicians of the Sustainable Development Foundation in order to set the various steps of the programme which will finish in 2014 with the request for the certification of Emas.

TRIESTE - Traffic in the Port of Trieste is continuing to grow. Even the month of October with its 62 vessels recorded an increase on October 2012. 247,240 containers were handled up until 31st October 2013 (they were 221,301 in 2012) and 383,001 teus (340,394 teus in 2012), representing an increase in the first 10 months of 2013 with respect to the same period of 2012: +11,72% for containers and +12,52% for teus.