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News di shipping e trasporti dal Nord Adriatico

Port of Monfalcone

MONFALCONE - Sixty-six crates containing engines (36 in total) dispatched to pumping stations of a Russian pipeline.

MONFALCONE – With a growth percentage up to 53%, foodstuffs and oil-based products have substantially contributed to the upward dry-bulk traffic trend in the Port of Monfalcone in 2017.

TRIESTE - The Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has approved Zeno D’Agostino as the new president of the Port Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea. The new Port Authority will include the Port of Monfalcone and later on also Porto Nogaro.

MONFALCONE - A cooperation agreement was signed today in Monfalcone between Compagnia Portuale Srl and two major international partners to attract new clients and cargo to Portorosega. The partners of the initiative that could pave the way for strong developments in the short term, are DB Cargo Logistics GmbH, the logistics department of the German railways and Wallenius Willemsen Logistics, a global leader in RoRo shipping and logistics.

MONFALCONE - In the first half of 2016 the Port of Monfalcone has observed a 10,67% increase in the traffic of metallurgical products.

MONFALCONE - Twelve yachts directed to Florida in addition to the steel elements of the Hudson Yards (Tower A) from New York, directed  to Houston, TX have left the Port of Monfalcone last week.
The special loads have been embarked on two different ships from the Dutch company “Spliethof” and are handled on the pier by CPM (Compagnia portuale di Monfalcone, from the TO Delta group).
Industrial materials and ironworks have also been stowed in the Donaugracht (157 meters and 13700 tonnage) and the Sluisgracht (172 meters and a tonnage of over 16000). 

MONFALCONE - Within January the time schedule for the excavation of the access channel to the Port of Monfalcone will be effective.  The project will be simplified as the Region is accelerating the procedure. The consulting committee has been discussing the regulating plan of the Port of Monfalcone. 
During the course of the meetings a study for TLS-Europa was also explored, evaluating new railroad connections and Ro-Ro traffic for containers and passengers.

MONFALCONE - Robertissima III, the 72 foot winning sailing boat of the prestigious Barcolana regatta, was shipped in the last few weeks from the Port of Monfalcone to Palma de Maiorca, Spain.  
The shipping operation was conducted by the experienced personnel of CPM, (Compagnia Portuale di Monfalcone).  The superb sailing boat was loaded on Statengracht”, a cargo ship from “the Spliethoff Group.
During the last few months, CPM was also responsible for the loading operations of the new structures for the Bayonne Bridge of New York.  

TRIESTE - Today the Friuli Venezia Giulia Regional Council approved the plan for deepening the approach channel to the port of Monfalcone and defined it “compatible with the environment”. The approval was given within the procedure for the national valuation of environmental impact (VIA), where the Ministry of the Environment has responsibility.

MONFALCONE - The boxcar handling along the siding connecting the quays in the Port of Monfalcone with the railroad station of the same town will be managed by only one subject.