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News di shipping e trasporti dal Nord Adriatico


MONFALCONE - Sixty-six crates containing engines (36 in total) dispatched to pumping stations of a Russian pipeline.

MONFALCONE - Si è conclusa nei giorni scorsi la serie di spedizioni, sulla quale si è voluto mantenere uno stretto riserbo da parte del committente, per i materiali utilizzati nella struttura “Vessel” a Manhattan (New York).

MONFALCONE - The series of shipments to New York for the “Vessel” structure in Manhattan, NY, were concluded during the last few days and maintained of a reserved nature upon the customer’s request.

MONFALCONE - Un macchinario da 162 tonnellate, più due casse da 18 e 6 tonnellate contenenti altre apparecchiature industriali, sono stati scaricati stamattina al Porto di Monfalcone dal personale della Compagnia Portuale

MONFALCONE- A 162 tons industrial machinery and two maritime cases, containing respectively a 18 and a 6 tons machinery, have been discharged this morning at Port of Monfalcone by Compagnia Portuale of Monfalcone (CPM).

MONFALCONE - A cooperation agreement was signed today in Monfalcone between Compagnia Portuale Srl and two major international partners to attract new clients and cargo to Portorosega. The partners of the initiative that could pave the way for strong developments in the short term, are DB Cargo Logistics GmbH, the logistics department of the German railways and Wallenius Willemsen Logistics, a global leader in RoRo shipping and logistics.

MONFALCONE - Nei primi sei mesi del 2016 i traffici di prodotti metallurgici al Porto di Monfalcone sono aumentati del 10,67%.

MONFALCONE - In the first half of 2016 the Port of Monfalcone has observed a 10,67% increase in the traffic of metallurgical products.

MONFALCONE - Twelve yachts directed to Florida in addition to the steel elements of the Hudson Yards (Tower A) from New York, directed  to Houston, TX have left the Port of Monfalcone last week.
The special loads have been embarked on two different ships from the Dutch company “Spliethof” and are handled on the pier by CPM (Compagnia portuale di Monfalcone, from the TO Delta group).
Industrial materials and ironworks have also been stowed in the Donaugracht (157 meters and 13700 tonnage) and the Sluisgracht (172 meters and a tonnage of over 16000). 

MONFALCONE - Dodici yacht e gli elementi in acciaio della Hudson Yards (Torre A) di New York (USA), i primi diretti in Florida e i secondi a Houston, sono partiti in questi giorni dal Porto di Monfalcone.
Si tratta di carichi speciali imbarcati su due navi dell'olandese Spliethoff's e gestiti in banchina da CPM (Compagnia portuale di Monfalcone, parte del Gruppo TO Delta).