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Trieste, International Free Port gives advantages for freights storage

TRIESTE - To tackle the negative effects of the Covid-19 emergency, the Port of Trieste offers short-distance and storage multimodal connections in the dry ports of Trieste and Cervignano, as well as in the FREEeste logistics area, thanks to the advantages offered by the Trieste International Free Zone.

Such Free Zone allows to keep bonded goods in a financially convenient way, either stored in containers or unloaded from containers and stored in free-port warehouses. The lockdown of some manufacturing sectors and the future effects that will derive from it, could create the need for greater storage spaces and logistical activities in the onshore hubs near the ports. Thanks to its initiatives and to an integrated governance, the Port of Trieste will support logistics actions for the new scenarios of the companies’ supply chain. The Port Authority, together with some important industrial players, is already looking for solutions that lead to identify Trieste as the entry hub for new maritime volumes coming from the Far East. Again, it is the port's well-established rail network that manages to ensure timing and reliability to supply chains for production lines in Central and Eastern Europe.