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New intermodal service to the Baltic Sea: from Cervignano to Rostock three couples of trains weekly

TRIESTE - A new railway service connecting the Friuli Venezia Giulia region with the port of Rostock has just started along the Adriatic-Baltic Corridor. The three currently scheduled weekly couples of trains will depart from the dry port of Cervignano, which serves as inland terminal for the ports of Trieste, Monfalcone and Nogaro.

The project has been realized by LKW Walter, an Austrian firm which has been working in the transport sector since 1924, and which has identified the facility of Cervignano as the ideal hub for connecting the German port of Rostock - a reference point for freight traffic directed to Scandinavia and the Baltic countries - and the North-East of Italy.
It is a "company train", a service completely dedicated to the semi-trailers of LKW Walter, which will avail itself of Kombiverkehr as Multimodal transport operator for the set up of trains, and of the freight forwarder Francesco Parisi as commercial promoter. The railway companies Mercitalia and Lokomotion will be entrusted with the traction, respectively for the Italian and for the cross-border tracts, while the railway wagons are being made available by Deutsche Bahn.
With a distance of 1,300 km and a transit time of about 22 hours, the service currently foresees the running of 3 couples of trains per week in both directions, with the aim of increasing the frequency in the short term. The 550-meter-long, 32 semitrailers train will spare, on average, 200 trucks a week from circulating on the roads, to the benefit of environmental sustainability. The service will be well balanced both in export, with final destination of goods Sweden and other Scandinavian countries, and in import, towards North-Eastern Italy and Slovenia.
More generally, the new service is part of a system for developing the railway connections and regional logistics platforms that the Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea is carrying out with its subsidiary Adriafer. In 2018 a first project began, linking the port of Trieste, Campo Marzio railway station and Villa Opicina, dedicated to the transports from and to Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Austria. The scheduled trains are 20 per week and will increase in 2019. The second project regards the connection between the Port of Trieste and the railway shunting yard of Cervignano, for transports via Tarvisio with origin and destiny Germany, Austria and Hungary, with test trains organized in co-operation with Rail Cargo Austria. Currently, 4 weekly couples of trains are running, with a forecast of reaching 20 couples in 2019.