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Port security, agreement between the Authority and the Italian State Police

TRIESTE - The Italian State Police will set up some cars with the "Mercurio" system, a technological platform for controlling vehicles through an operations center, in order to monitor the plates near the port areas.

This will be the main innovation of the agreement stipulated between the Italian State Police in Trieste and the Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea. The project was funded by the Authority itself (EUR 40,000) to improve the port security monitoring system.  Real-time data processing provides an immediate and particularly effective response in case of positive matches with the databases of the Italian State Police. In practical terms, the camera frames the car and films the license plate, which is also coded, when the controlled vehicle is in motion. If the license plate either belongs to a stolen vehicle, it has not undergone the compulsory periodic inspection or it is uninsured, an alert is immediately triggered, without the road operator having to request a "check" from the Police headquarters.
The agreement is part of a variety of initiatives implemented to increase the quality of the operations of the Port, including the areas adjacent to the Port, but above all to prevent and fight illegal or criminal behavior.