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Fer-Net project: a customs corridor in Trieste between its port and Interporto

TRIESTE – A Customs Corridor linking the Port of Trieste to the Interporto of Fernetti, in order to implement the regional logistic system’s operational capability – that is the aim of the Fer-Net project, unique of its kind in Italy since it connects two Free Ports (Port and Interporto).

Fer-Net is part of the latest trends that are revolutionizing the concept of Ports, by stretching it to their related freight villages as well. Funded by Friuli Venezia Giulia with more than 120,000€ as part of the POL FESR 2014-2020 program, it involves Info.era S.r.l (Circle Group) and Interporto di Trieste S.p.A as well. Its final user will be the Port Network Authority of Trieste, it will rely on the Department of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Trieste as their scientific partner, and on the support of Thrive S.r.l.
«With Fer-Net the Interporto will be able to operate as a port terminal, by transferring the gates from the Port of Trieste to the new equipped areas at the Interporto and by managing the trucks moving on the 18 kilometers of motorway which separate the two structures, as if they were still in the harbor area. Thus, the Port Network Authority of Trieste will be able to manage the flow of vehicles passing through the Interporto itself before being boarded. An improved smoothness of heavy traffic, with a consequent reduction of the environmental impact, will represent one of the main results of the project. As a matter of fact, thanks to Fer-Net it will be possible to increase efficiency and reduce congestion at the checkpoints, together with a more efficient collection of information on transiting vehicles, goods and people.