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Trieste Port Network Authority, a new consortium for the Free Zone industrial development

TRIESTE - The Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea founded the “Consortium of economic development for the Julian area” that will replace former Ezit of Trieste.

The Consortium is an economic public authority: the “new Ezit” will have an initial endowment fund of 100 thousand euros and will be chaired by Zeno D'Agostino. The Port Authority will have a majority of 52% in the Consortium, while the remaining 48% will be divided into 3 equal parts for the three Municipalities  of Trieste, Muggia and San Dorligo della Valle-Dolina.
The main goal will be to promote and foster the birth and development of entrepreneurial activities and manufacturing initiatives, to provide services related to industrial activities in the territory, as well as to advise companies on writing projects to access to European funds. The administration of the Industrial Free Zone, an element of strength and new attraction for the whole region, will also be among the tasks of the new institution.