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Monfalcone, 160 tons project cargo discharged by CPM

MONFALCONE- A 162 tons industrial machinery and two maritime cases, containing respectively a 18 and a 6 tons machinery, have been discharged this morning at Port of Monfalcone by Compagnia Portuale of Monfalcone (CPM).

The order was managed by the well-known freight forwarding agent Cesped S.p.A., based at Lauzacco (UD), together with Marlines Srl, a local shipping broker and shipping agent for regional ports. The cargo, arrived aboard the motor vessel Amoenitas and with final destination SBE Company in Monfalcone, was discharged by two mobile cranes, one of which was recently acquired and rendered operational by CPM. This particular investment enabled CPM to handle project cargo with technical characteristics similar to the one arrived this morning and improve the performance spectrum.

The new crane is a Liebherr LHM 550 with a 150 tons lifting capacity, 54 meters arms reach and a lifting speed of 120 meters per minute. The crane has been acquired a couple of months ago and it became operational mid-December 2016 - it will be primarily used to load and unload slabs, metallurgical products and cellulose materials. The crane will help CPM to improve the loading and unloading performance by 20-30%. In addition to the 8 railway tracks inside the port, CPM operates an intermodal terminal of 40.000 square meters and 10 railway trucks just out of the port. Thanks to equipment availability, integrated railroad connections and specialized staff, the company is able to fulfill the handling requirements of different kinds of traffic.