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Only one management for the siding of the Port of Monfalcone

MONFALCONE - The boxcar handling along the siding connecting the quays in the Port of Monfalcone with the railroad station of the same town will be managed by only one subject.
By October the Italian service called “Mobilità della Regione” (Mobility of the Region) will prepare an expression of interest in order to find the subject who will be in charge of the whole shunting in the port through the use of the siding of Monfalcone. The payment due to the regional administration will be established in order to relaunch the infrastructure, which saw a drastic reduction of the cars moved (from 12,000 to 6,000) in the last six years, also because it is divided into two railway routes that are managed separately. The hypothesis concerning only one management has already been shared by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI, company of the Italian State Railways group). The Consortium for industrial development of Monfalcone, owner of one of the two railway routes, has already declared to be ready to give the regional administration a loan for use on their own route.