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Upper Adriatic and intermodal connections, 2.8 million euros allocated by the EU for the development of Napa’s project

TRIESTE - With the Ten-T 2013 (Trans European Transport Network) announcement, a 2.8 million Euros co-financing (at 50%) has been granted to Upper Adriatic ports by the EU. The “Napa Studies Project” funds will be invested not only in the intermodal connections improvement, but also in the development of an information system to support the intermodality and facilitate the exchange of information between stakeholders.
The “Napa Studies Project” is leaded by Croatia and involves many different actors such as ports (Venice, Trieste, Koper, Rijeka, Chioggia), Sistemi Territoriali S.p.A., Province of Mantua and Croatian and Slovenian railways. In evaluating the Napa, the EU remarked that “…the projects are particularly relevant because they aim to develop Upper Adriatic ports and their interconnections through different transport systems. The proposed actions are already at a good point and the overall impact is expected to be positive”. The main areas of intervention will be four: Rail connections, Maritime accessibility, Inland navigation and ICT.