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Oil Terminal of Trieste extends Siot concession for 50 years

TRIESTE The concession to extend the maritime concession of the oil terminal to Siot for the next 50 years was signed today in Trieste. The Italian firm for the transalpine oil pipeline, (TAL) will continue in its role as the prime oil terminal in the Mediterranean. SIOT, initiated its activity in Trieste in 1964 and has been providing energy source to the countries of central Europe for the last half century. The economic systems of: Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic, are dependent on the services provided by the TAL group, without whom it would not be possible to manage refueling oils for industry and population. With a turnover of 82.3 million euro in 2014 and approximately 600 people employed in the operation, the TAL group ensures an annual traffic of over 40 thousand tons of raw fuel oil to the Port of Trieste for a market value of 20 billion euro.  “Today we have signed the most important concession agreement of Italian ports”, said the Commissioner of Trieste Port Authority, Zeno D’ Agostino. SIOT is the engine of our port of call, not only because it represents 75% of the total traffic volume, but also because of the direct influence on economic fluctuation in our territory. “The release of this concession has achieved an important objective allowing for the consolidation of traffic in a long term perspective, ensuring a high level of safety and efficiency of the system by implementing the latest technologies in addition to providing investments for over 20 million euros annually”, said the President of TAL, Ulrike Andres. Mr. Andres added that, the synergy with the Port Authority of Trieste and the Friuli Venezia Giulia region is fundamental for both the development of our activity and the economy of the territory.
The strategic importance of SIOT has been emphasised by the President of Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Debora Serracchiani: “For a long time the region has been dedicated to consolidating and increasing traffic in the port of Trieste, this 50 year agreement with SIOT allows us to maintain in Trieste the presence of the most important Italian terminal promoting new investment venues”.