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Trieste is one of two Italian ports chosen by China to invest

TRIESTE - Following a meeting in Beijing with China’s president Xi Jinping, Italy’s premier Paolo Gentiloni confirmed that Trieste and Genoa will be boosted as the arrival points of the Belt and Road Initiative.

The decision was made based on the existing connections between the two ports and the European rail and road corridors. “Taking into consideration that China has already invested in the development of the new Vado Ligure terminal, I think that now a plan on how to invest in Trieste should be set up”, said President of the Port Authority Zeno D’Agostino. 
According to D’Agostino, the results achieved so far can be attributed to the efforts made last year such as the successful technical mission in China, which preceded the visit of Italian President Sergio Mattarella in Beijing. The priorities of the Port of Trieste have been set in accordance with the Italian national government as it was done for the port of Genoa.