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Trieste launches Easywagon, a new railway wagon rental service

TRIESTE – Adriafer, a subsidiary of the Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea, and VTG Rail Europe, a German logistics and rental service company, have set up a service for the short-notice, daily rental of rail wagons.

Thanks to this new project, the first of its kind in the Italian port sector, accredited rail companies and intermodal operators can now book a wagon set only for the days of actual use. This will help start-up railway operators at Trieste Port by relieving them from the risks deriving from annual rentals with relevant periods of non-use. The first set now available is composed of “twin” wagons for the transport of semitrailers, swap units and containers, while the future foresees an increase in wagon-sets and a diversification of rail cars available. The Port Authority explained that Easywagon aims at encouraging the presence of new railway companies serving the Port of Trieste.