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Shipping and Transport news from Northern Adriatic Sea


TRIESTE - Plans for cooperation, installation of radars, alarms, cameras, use of drones and tests for defense against cyber attacks.

TRIESTE - The concept of security is integrated in the action of all port operators and the observations are only aimed at refining a system of rules and regulations that is already an excellence. This is the opinion expressed by the EU Commission that, from 19 to 23 November, carried out an inspection at the port of Trieste to control the correct implementation - by Italy - of the rules on maritime security, both for the ships and port facilities and for the entire port area.

TRIESTE - Il concetto di security è integrato nell’agire di tutti gli operatori portuali e le osservazioni rilevate sono finalizzate solo ad affinare un impianto di norme e regolamenti che è già eccellenza. E' questa l'opinione espressa dalla Commissione UE che, dal 19 al 23 novembre, ha condotto un'ispezione al porto di Trieste per monitorare la corretta implementazione – da parte dell’Italia – delle norme in materia di maritime security, sia per le navi e gli impianti portuali che per l’intero comprensorio portuale.

TRIESTE - The Italian State Police will set up some cars with the "Mercurio" system, a technological platform for controlling vehicles through an operations center, in order to monitor the plates near the port areas.