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Port Authority

TRIESTE - Il Comitato Portuale ha dato mandato al presidente dell'Autorità portuale di Trieste di avviare le procedure di vendita delle società partecipate che gestiscono i servizi di interesse generale in ambito portuale. Come previsto dalla normativa, dovrà infatti essere ceduto almeno il 51% di Adriafer srl (società che si occupa della movimentazione ferroviaria interna la Porto) e di Porto di Trieste Servizi spa (società che si occupa di gestire le reti idrica e di illuminazione dello scalo).

TRIESTE - The Port Committee gave the President of the Port Authority of Trieste a mandate to start the sales procedures of the subsidiaries managing general port services. According to the law, at least 51% of Adriafer srl (company managing the rail handlings inside the Port) and of Porto di Trieste Servizi spa (company managing the water and electricity supply of the Port) must be sold.

TRIESTE - The investments of hundreds of millions of euros the main terminal operators asked for and obtained for the Port of Trieste will be distributed in the following three years. The executive summary was showed yesterday, in an extremely positive spirit despite some still unresolved problems, during a meeting organized by the Propeller Club of Trieste, which saw the participation of the current President of the Port Authority of Trieste, Marina Monassi.

TRIESTE - After the go-ahead of the Port committee on July 2013, today a concession of the state-owned areas in the east part of the Port of Trieste to Teseco spa was signed in the offices of the Port Authority.

TRIESTE -  A financing of further 2 million of euros for supporting a promotional programme of container combined transport services from and to the Port of Trieste was approved today by Friuli Venezia Giulia Regional Council. The regional financing, assigned to the Port Authority of Trieste, as already indicated in the Law for budget adjustment No. 15/2014, is intended to support the port activities of the Port of Trieste which promote alternative solutions to road transport.

TRIESTE - Today the Port Authority of Trieste signed the contract for the realisation of the logistic platform with the temporary group of companies including ICOP spa, Francesco Parisi Casa di Spedizioni spa, Interporto Bologna spa and Cosmo Ambiente srl.

TRIESTE - The Port Committee approved today the 60- years new concession to Trieste Marine Terminal Spa, which is ready to invest in the lengthening of the Molo VII. The first project foresees expanding the existing structure by 100 meters, to proceed with further 100 linear meters increase, and then to cover the whole quay’s width. The investment will be fully born by Tmt, and will also encompass deployment of 4 new shore cranes.

TRIESTE - A delegation from the city of Xiamen (China), has been received today in Trieste by the Port Authority, the Shipping Agents and the Terminal Operators. The meeting was held at the new Port Authority headquarters (the so called “Magazzino 26” located in the Old Free Port area). The Chinese delegation showed particular interest in the development prospects of new maritime trade routes, in the port centric logistic and in the relations between the two ports.

TRIESTE -  The “2013 Operational Plan” has been approved today by the Port Authority of Trieste. This planning document not only describes the strategies of the Administration and the actions to be taken in order to achieve default aims, but also provides an estimate of the expected results.

TRIESTE - The Port has been opened to the public in order to raise awareness of the production opportunities of the area. The successful event, organized by the Port Authority, included some guided tours within the New Free Zone, starting from the customs in Riva Traiana.