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Shipping and Transport news from Northern Adriatic Sea

Port Authority

TRIESTE - Trieste confirms itself as first port in Italy for total cargo volumes in 2015, moving 57,16 million tons of cargo (+0,07% compared to 2014) during the course of the year. To confirm this growth, ongoing efforts will be focused on intermodal and railroad traffic.

TRIESTE - The number of trains departing and arriving at the Port of Trieste has increased by 15.16% showing 4,014 trains during the last nine months in respect to last year’s 3,564.

TRIESTE – The Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage have expressed positive approval on the regulating plan for the port of Trieste, proposed by the Port Authority of Trieste (APT) and thus confirming environmental compatibility. The planning of the port will now undergo long term perspective in the development of new strategic infrastructures, in turn attracting new investments and promoting logistical and industrial activities.

TRIESTE - The Port Authority of Trieste has signed an agreement to address a series of issues in relation to the free Port.  Mainly the pre-clearing of customs from incoming cargo ships before they unload their cargo.

TRIESTE - The Commission VIA (Evaluation of environmental impact) and VAS (strategic environmental evaluation) of the Ministry of Environment has reviewed this morning the strategic local Plan for the Port of Trieste for a unanimous decision.
“The Port can now turn a new page” said Zeno D’Agostino, the commissioner of Trieste’s Port Authority.
Finally after 58 years since the last regulating plan the Port of Trieste will be able to develop and expand infrastructures towards modernisation attracting new venues and investments.

TRIESTE – A new train from Trieste to Budapest together with new connections with southern Germany and study for further connections with Poland. These are some of the most important news for the Port of Trieste and themes that emerged at the Transport Logistic of Monaco.  
Zeno D’Agostino, the Commissioner of the Port Authority, said: “the vocation of Trieste is to serve Bavaria, all our efforts are at this time focused on train connections. This is our key message for potential partners and investors at the Transport Logistic Fair in Monaco”.

TRIESTE - The freight traffic in the Port of Trieste is still showing growth despite general signs of economical crisis at European level. During 2014, Trieste set another record (+1%) with tonnes loaded and unloaded in the port – considered to be strategic at national level. It also recorded over 10% teu increase in terms of container traffic.

TRIESTE - Chiusura in attivo del Bilancio, riduzione di alcuni canoni e nuovo impulso alla privatizzazione delle società partecipate. Questi i punti salienti del Comitato portuale tenutosi oggi al Magazzino del Porto vecchio di Trieste. La presidente dell'Autorità portuale, Marina Monassi, dopo aver spiegato che per il quarto anno consecutivo il bilancio si chiuderà con un considerevole attivo e che i traffici, soprattutto nel settore container, continuano a crescere, ha fatto approvare l’atto di indirizzo in materia di tasse portuali.

TRIESTE - The President of the Port Authority, Marina Monassi, explained that the balance will be closed in the black for the fourth year in a row and that the traffic, in particular with regards to containers, keeps growing.

TRIESTE - The month of October shows a 22.4% increase compared to October 2013. This is a positive trend which continues since the beginning of the year, with the handling of 400,584 Teu by Trieste Marine Terminal.
The Port Authority of Trieste has also made public the statistics concerning the first half of 2014. Also in this case the numbers show a positive trend: +5.31% for containers, +1.45% for liquid bulk, +12.98% for trucks (ferry and ro-ro) and +45.52 for passenger transport.