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Siot-Tal 2019: Target one and a half billion tons of crude oil

TRIESTE - «2018 has been a year of continuity and new challenges for the TAL group, in particular in two areas where our investments are focused: technological-scientific research and safety. 2019 will be a year of achievements, because we are about to reach a unique result in Europe: we will shortly reach the target of a billion and a half tons of crude oil unloaded at the marine terminal of the Port of Trieste since the entry into operation of the Transalpine pipeline, while in the middle of the year the twenty-thousandth oil tanker will touch our moorings».

This was the introduction of Alessio Lilli, General Manager of the TAL group and president of Siot (Italian Society for the Transalpine oil pipeline), during the recent presentation  in Trieste of the results obtained in 2018 and the objectives for 2019. The oil pipeline from Trieste supplies crude oil to the heart of Europe - the total needs of Bavaria and Austria, a substantial amount of energy needed by the Czech Republic- and in 2018 it unloaded 41.7 million tons of crude oil, which arrived in the port of Trieste with 465 ships. The data are substantially stable compared to the previous year (42.4 million tons).
On the safety front, during 2018 the Siot terminal was subject to a control audit by the European Maritime Safety Agency, the body which is responsible for the verification of safety in ports at European level. The result of the audit was excellent and the security system will be cited as best practice at European level.
As regards technological research, the Austrian company of the TAL Group played a central role in 2018 thanks to an innovation at international level, inaugurating a "hydroelectric" plant that uses crude oil instead of water. The plant is capable of producing 12% of the energy that Tal uses in Austria, an amount that could meet the annual needs of more than 3,000 households. Built with an investment of 11 million euro, the plant is located at 1,335 meters above sea level in the municipality of Mittersill, and was built over three years. This is the only power plant in the world that produces electricity by exploiting the fall of crude oil, without any CO2 emissions.