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Sinfomar implemented in the Port Community System

TRIESTE - The Port Authority of Trieste, thanks to the European project ITS Multi-Purpose Gateway, has now been equipped with a Port Community System. The initial aim was to create a software platform allowing data exchange among the ports of the North Adriatic Sea.
In the morning Sinfomar was presented to the public and private operators of the sector. The very good relationships with the head office of the Italian Customs agency and with the general headquarters of the Port Captaincy as well with their territorial offices will permit the new product to relieve gradually private individuals of their many fulfilments and to realize the “single-window” system. Thanks to the data exchange among systems, it will be possible to substantially reduce bureaucratic procedures and import/export processing times, taking into account the three elements: safety, logistics and customs. The main condition is that everybody participates in the system through their data entry, with a single entry at the start and with different processing stages. It is the first real start of an integrated processing system in the port area. <The aim – explained the president Marina Monassi – is to speed up the safety, logistics and customs operations. Sinfomar is a database belonging to a public authority which can communicate with the systems of the government headquarters with automatism (Customs, Port Captaincy, Istat, Napa), thus unburdening everybody from having to repeat the same communication several times. It will be the centre of a platform including future implementation plans>.