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With a second "mega ship" crane, Trieste becomes the best equipped terminal in the Adriatic Sea

TRIESTE - The second of the two cranes – which had undergone complete revamping – was repositioned to the quay of Molo VII (pier VII) this morning, after little more than two hours’ work.
The crane will be able to operate on vessels of 20 rows in width and 7 rows in height on deck. The terminal is now the best equipped port of call in the Adriatic Sea in terms of container traffic. In this way Trieste Marine Terminal, member of TO Delta group as well as terminal operator of Molo VII, has completed its offer and can handle ships of 13-14,000 teus, awaiting the beginning of P3 services in Trieste (foreseen for the end of this summer). Also thanks to its 18 meters of natural draft, the port of Trieste is in fact one of the 5 Italian ports chosen by the P3 alliance for its “megaships”. The new structures required an investment of around 7 million euros in cooperation with the Port Authority of Trieste