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Railways, the Port of Trieste signs agreements with China and Austria

TRIESTE - Two important agreements, with the Chinese group CCCC (China Communications Construction Company) and with OBB (Austrian Railways), were signed in the past few days by the Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea.

In the first case, in the presence of the President and Prime Minister of China and Italy, the president of the Authority Zeno D'Agostino and the president of the Chinese group CCCC Song Hailang signed a document relating to the railway infrastructures of the Port of Trieste and in particular to the new stations of Servola and Aquilinia.
All this is part of the "Trihub" project, the integrated plan to reinforce the railway infrastructure system in the area between Cervignano del Friuli, Villa Opicina and Trieste, developed in collaboration with the Italian rail network operator RFI. The agreement with CCCC will allow better rail connections from the Port of Trieste both to Central Europe and to Chinese maritime markets, but also to exploit - by the Port Network Authority - new opportunities linked to the CCCC project for construction and management of the large intermodal terminal in Kosiče (Slovakia).
Furthermore, the agreement will allow both signatories to evaluate collaborations for logistic-industrial projects in China with the aim of facilitating logistics flows and trade. "With this agreement - said the president of the Authority Zeno D’Agostino - we aim to organize the logistics leaving the port. Our commitment is to support exports to China and the Far East of our small and medium enterprises, which do not have the size to deal with this type of investment. The Network Authority becomes available to Italian companies to develop in China logistic and port platforms that allow Made in Italy to reach commercial flows towards this large expanding market». The Port of Trieste thus officially enters the Belt and Road Initiative.
In the days preceding, D'Agostino had signed two memorandum of understanding to implement the railway connections between the Port of Trieste and the reference hinterland in Central-Eastern Europe: the first with the railway companies ÖBB-INFRA and the Italian Railway Network (RFI), and the second one with Rail Cargo Austria (RCA). The goal remains to strengthen the links between the logistics hub of the Port of Trieste, strategic for Friuli Venezia Giulia and the entire Italian Northeast, and the European railway network, promoting the development of intermodal services in particular between the Port and the maritime and land terminal in the central-eastern continent.
The agreement commits the parties to share a common development strategy aimed at optimizing the logistics processes, through the strengthening of the network and the consequent increase in capacity of the destination terminals. Concretely, the memoranda will lead the signatories to evaluate possible modernizations, new works and the removal of any bottlenecks, in order to facilitate the activity of the railway carriers.
«Trieste is a model to be followed as regards to the efficiency of the interconnection of different modes of transport. Here, ships and railway are connected and make up an optimal logistic chain. We are very proud that Rail Cargo Austria is an important logistics partner for the Free Port of Trieste - said Andreas Matthä CEO of ÖBB - As an integrated partner, with a strong rail network, we want to give a further boost to freight transport by train, in order to guarantee a kind of economical and environmentally friendly transport. We are certain that, together with our Italian partners, we will continue on this path in the future as well».