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Rail Cargo Group opens an office in the Port of Trieste

TRIESTE - The partnership between T.O. Delta and Rail Cargo Group – the freight division of the Austrian railways ÖBB, which is about to open a representative office in the Port of Trieste – is getting stronger and stronger.

In particular, the structure will be housed in the premises of Trieste Marine Terminal (a company from the T.O. Delta Group) at Molo VII in the port of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Arnold Schiefer and Erik Regter, the chairman of the board of ÖBB-Holding AG and the general manager and member of the board of Rail Cargo Group, respectively, confirmed it during their recent visit to Trieste. In fact, in the last few days, Schiefer and Regter met the top management of T.O. Delta also to confirm such collaboration that has allowed, in recent years, to strongly increase the railway services that depart from and arrive at the container terminal.
The port of Trieste is therefore confirmed as the main gateway for incoming and transiting goods to the South and East of Europe, coming or going to the Far East or the Mediterranean basin.