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Preclearing, Trieste begins the test to speed up the customs clearance

TRIESTE - Also Trieste begins the preclearing test, the customs clearance of goods in the sea, which should speed up transport services. The procedure was adopted according to the initiatives of the Customs agency for relaunching the competitiveness of the Italian port system. It will be thus possible to present the Customs declarations pending the arrival of the ship.
In this way, the goods that are not selected for controlling can be unloaded and go on immediately for their final destinations. The ships that can have access to the preclearing will be controlled by the maritime authorities through a traffic monitoring, in order to check that ships maintain direct routes without intermediate ports of call between their origin and their destination. “Thanks to this procedure, the delivery times of the goods are reduced considerably, even by 36 hours”, said Paolo Salvaro, President of Confetra Nord Est, the association of shipping agents and customs formalities. “In addition to be a big advantage for our business customers, it improves the efficiency of our ports. Unfortunately, so far the goods directed to our markets saved time going through the ports in Northern Europe. A paradox which causes damages also for the Treasury, as a part of the taxes of every shipment rests with the country that first clears the goods on entry to the European Union”.