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Port of Trieste: trucks under control with the new Smart Road

TRIESTE - ANAS (Gruppo FS Italiane) will install 24 video cameras for license plate identification, 33 surveillance cameras, and over 27 kilometers of optic fiber cables for controlling heavy goods vehicle traffic between the Port of Trieste and the freight terminal, without causing queues and streamlining loading times.

The executive project has been unveiled: it is a collaborative endeavor between ANAS and the Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea. This Smart Road project calls for installing intelligent transport systems along the  RA14-RA13 spur route and the “Triestina” 202 national route to verify whether travel times between the Fernetti freight terminal and the Port of Trieste are compatible with the average speed of heavy goods vehicles on the basis of current traffic and weather conditions.
The creation of the Smart Road virtual corridor, comprising systems such as smart video cameras for identifying license plates and sensors for the dynamic weighing of vehicles, will make it possible to identify trucks that may have made a detour or stop for the unauthorized loading/offloading of goods by calculating the average time required to travel along the route in question.
Additionally, a set of closed-circuit cameras equipped with software will report any queues along the route being monitored and will control traffic to ensure the safety of vehicles on the road. The system can also be used to regulate traffic flows into the port of Trieste (about 700 vehicles a day).