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Port of Trieste, partnership with the Chinese CCCC

TRIESTE – The Port of Trieste signs a memorandum of understanding with CCCC (China Communications Construction Company) for the development of logistics platforms in China and new warehouses in Italy.

The news follows the agreements already signed in Rome on March 23 in the presence, as happened yesterday in Shanghai, of the Italian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Luigi Di Maio. The Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea, therefore, initiates a partnership for the development of Sino-Italian projects in China, with particular attention to the creation of logistic platforms connected to the port of Trieste to serve the entire Italian national logistics system. The memorandum, signed by the president of the Authority Zeno D’Agostino and by Jingchun Wang (executive chairman of CCCC) provides for the Port of Trieste to support CCCC in the development of pilot projects. The identified areas are those of Guangzhou and Jiangsu, in the hinterland of the ports of Shanghai, Ningbo and Shenzen, all ports of call of intercontinental services connected to Trieste. With a view to strengthening the role of all the logistical structures in the port region of the Eastern Adriatic Sea, CCCC and the Authority will also collaborate on the construction of warehouses by the Chinese group in the regional territory.
«This project is available to the whole Country System: logistics platforms can facilitate the transport of goods from all over Italy, supporting large companies and SMEs. It is an important sign that the public sector is playing this match» said President D'Agostino.
The Authority will not have any direct participation in the risk of platform development but will cooperate as an "aggregator", providing technical support to the projects, their promotion towards institutions and companies in Italy. But also by promoting planning or development of infrastructures, standard services or trade facilitation tools to strengthen the Italy-China logistics channel also through the Free Port of Trieste. The logistics channel mentioned above could soon be tested in the Italian wine sector, with particular attention to the production of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. CCCC will assume the risk of operations related to development projects and will undertake to promote the Made in Italy through channels for the distribution of Italian products in China.