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Port of Trieste obtains certification for quality of management systems and environment

TRIESTE - Trieste’s Port Authority is the first in Italy to obtain confirmation and extension of its own integrated system of management, after the last review of the standards 9001 e 14001.

After the approval of the Port strategic plan that foresees the integration of two fundamental procedures for reducing the effects on the environment, Trieste’s port of call once again paves the way for an increased protection of the environment. 
According to Zeno D’Agostino, “In 2016 the Port of Trieste focused on the improvement and the integration of its management systems for quality and environment and this certification is only a sign that we are heading in the right direction in our process of general re-organization, that we were willing to undertake in order to improve the security and safeguard the environment in our port of call.” 
Another area in which our Authority is making efforts regards management of the State-owned maritime property. The recent law reform foresees that he State-owned maritime property should be managed through an online system, called “Sistema Informativo Demanio marittimo (S.I.D)” which was made available by Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. This is an important service, which can be used not only by the Public Administration but by the citizens as well. The service grants an easy access to the online databases where the status of a State-owned maritime property can be verified.