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Port of Trieste, new upgrade of the railway system

TRIESTE - The Transalpina railway line serving the Port of Trieste has been activated also on the up-hill leg. The old Habsburg line has been refurbished in the past months during the COVID emergency, and provides now key support to the harbour during the works in progress carried out by RFI along the coastal tracks.

The first trains from Campo Marzio to Villa Opicina have been recently operated in double traction. These first tests will be used to assess the towing volume of the ascending convoys, considering that the line has a maximum slope of 25‰. Since last March, RFI has reactivated the historical line in the section connecting Villa Opicina to Trieste Campo Marzio and vice versa, along a 14-km route. Adriafer (wholly-owned subsidiary of the Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea) has already run about twenty trains downwards. Transalpina therefore confirms itself as an excellent alternative for port traffic, in the event of the impossibility of using the main line.
«Our goal - explains Adriafer's administrator, Giuseppe Casini - is to perform 14 trains a week on the Transalpina to facilitate the rest of the freight and passengers traffic during the restrictions, until 21st August, on the coastal line due to RFI works on the track Trieste-Monfalcone. Subsequently, we plan to continue using it, although in a more marginal way, for inbound traffic from Villa Opicina to the port». Adriafer obtained authorization from RFI to transport cargo convoys for 40-foot High Cube (HC) containers along the route, with the entry into service of two locomotives. Currently, the line can only be used for container trains, thus excluding semi-trailers and swap bodies. In this regard, Casini explains, «we are in contact with RFI for the adjustment works necessary to use the line for all types of intermodal units».